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Elaine's Past Clients:

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Roadmap of Landing A UX Job

Course 3

​Course 1​​

Enter the UX Field

​Course 2

Build Your UX Portfolio


Get a UX Internship

Senior UX Designer

  • 6-8 years UX experience

  • 3-5 years UX experience

  • 1-2 years UX experience

  • No UX experience

Nielsen Norman Group predicts that there will be 100 million UX professionals in the world by 2050. This corresponds to 1% of the world’s population.

- From A 100-Year View of User Experience by Nielsen Norman Group

Our Programs

What Most Bootcamps Teach.png

What Most Bootcamps Teach

3 months = 5 school projects

Wireframe Only

UX = 1 role

User Testing with classmates/friends

What UX Hirers Really Need.png

What UX Hirers Really Need

3 months = 1 industry-paced project

Strategic Thinking + Visual Communication

UX = 4-5 specialized roles

User Research with real target users



Enter the UX Field

What will you learn?

  • Align Your Strengths with the Right UX Role

  • How to decipher Your UX Job Description?

  • Resume and Portfolio review



Build Your UX Portfolio

What will you learn?

  • How to conduct User Research properly

  • How to analyze research insights

  • How to turn insights into design strategy

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Land a UX job

What will you learn?

  • Make Your Resume Stands Out

  • Brush Up Your UX Portfolio

  • Enhance Your Soft Skills Needed from Employers

  • How to Extend Your Network

Thinking Model



UX Portfolio

Other Bootcamps

Focus on Design Tools and

interface design

Instructors with only 2-5 years industry experience

1:1 verbal online Mentorship to ask questions only, no end-to-end UX project guidance

Templatized Portfolios. Revamping existing websites/apps which may not land you real UX Jobs

Our Course

Focus on Critical Thinking + Strategic Thinking

Instructors with 20+ years UX experience

Apprentice opportunities to shadow end-to-end real industry projects like apprenticing for a Master Chef

Create UX Portfolios that stands out from the crowd and shows creativity/innovation and your critical thinking ability

Why Choose Our Course


Get taught by Senior UX Veteran

Our instructor has 20+ years of experience in the UX industry and worked with big tech giant like Google, Meta (Facebook) Airbnb, Dropbox, Intel as well as Tech startups.

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Build Portfolio with Real Industry Cases

Learn the Design Innovation process used in real R&D (Research and development) teams. Learn how they turn research insights into product strategies.


Get referred to Real Job Opportunities

Our instructor has 20+ years of experience in the UX industry and worked with big tech giant like Google, Meta (Facebook) Airbnb, Dropbox, Intel as well as Tech startups.


Enhance Your Unique Selling Points

Revamp your resume and portfolio to align with your strengths and make yourself standout from competition

About Elaine

​Elaine Ann is the Founder and CEO of Kaizor Innovation. Elaine has 26+ years of experience in UX/Design Thinking and is a veteran of the early dot-com era in the mid 90's having lived and worked in the U.S. for 12 years. She has worked in New York, Silicon Valley and San Francisco for companies such as Razorfish, Philips Design and has designed the User Experiences of some of the very early Internet/technology businesses. Her current clients range from Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Intel, HP, BMW as well as Tech Startups.


Besides her professional work, Elaine is also active in the non-profit community. She was the Vice-Chairman of HK Designers Association in 2012-2014 and ran the UX community (IxDA Hong Kong) for 15 years since 2006. She currently runs the IxDA Vancouver - a UX community with 1000+ members. She has also been invited to judge for the IF Design Awards, ADC Award, Core 77 Award etc. Elaine graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in Communication Design and Masters in Interaction Design. She is also an EMBA alumni of the Cheung Kong Business School (Beijing) and Stanford Executive Education Design Thinking Bootcamp's alumni.

Elaine also trains students on New Product/Services Innovation and User Experience previously at undergrad, masters and Executive level at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, HK Design Institute etc. Her past students now became Senior UX designers in companies such as: Google, Facebook, Airbnb, DBS Bank, Tencent, Ant Financial, IDEO, Bain & Company, Microsoft etc.




Roy Cheung

Senior UX Designer, Microsoft

" Elaine helped me familiarize myself with UX basic foundation and train up my design skills through real-life projects."


Daniel Cheng

Co-Founder, RedEgg

"I learned authentic UX methods from Elaine. She helped me switch to a UX designer who is more than just a pair of hands executing UI designs."


Fion Ng

Senior UI/UX Designer,


"Elaine shared a lot of practical UX methods through past client case studies. I learned how to apply theories to real client projects."


Tintin Kao

UX Designer, AntBank

"Elaine guided me through the complete design innovation process. This learning helped me land my job at Ant Bank.”


Sally Li

Product Designer, GOGOX

"Elaine was very supportive. I  gained hands-on experience from research to design which bootcamps don't offer."


Karen Lam

UX Designer,

PwC Experience Consulting

"Elaine's advice, which is built upon over 20 years of her experience, has definitely helped me grow a lot faster in my career development."


Crystal Lam

Co-Founder, RedEgg

Elaine's lesson transformed me into a UX designer. And I had worked with various tech start-ups on user research."


Polly Duen

UI/UX Designer, CloudWork

"3 months after Elaine’s course, I landed my first UX job. The course taught me how to build connections and understand my strengths and weaknesses."


Vivian Tang

UX Designer,

 Monmonkey Group Securities Limited

"Elaine taught us job-hunting strategies and now I have a clearer idea to prepare for my next round of interviews!"

trained over 1000 Startups in accelerators/incubators:

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elaine ann Youtube Channel teaches Design Entrepreneurship, User Experience (UX), Design Thinking, and help young people unleash their creative potential! Subscribe our Youtube Channel elaine ann

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