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Course 3:
How Visualisation Skills can help you effectively convince Stakeholders? 

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Online Live Course is coming soon!

Course Details


Module 1: Introduction to Visual Communication Principles for UX

  • Why Visual Design skills are critical to being a UX Designer? 

  • How Visuals is “a language” to master to advance your UX career?  

  • What is the relationship between Visual Design, Psychology and Usability?

  • How can you use these design principles for effective business communication?

  • How can visual skills help you translate research insights into actual UX design?

  • How to communicate effectively through Information Design and Visualization?

Key Principles:

Form Follows Function, Gestalt Psychology, Golden Ratio,  7 +/- 2 rule


Module 3: How to Choose Colors for your UX Design?

  • How to pick colors to reflect certain emotions to highlight call to action? 

  • How to use colors to communicate meaning effectively on the UX Design? 

  • How to pick colors that are relevant to different cultures?

Color Theories:

Meaning of Colors, Complementary Colors, Hue, Saturation and Luminance


Module 5: How can Good UX Visuals enable you to present to stakeholders?

  • How can you effectively layout information for best information absorption?

  • How is effective information design imperative to align your thinking with your clients/boss/colleagues? 

  • How can laying out information effectively help with persuasion?

Key principles:

Alignment Principles, White Spaces, the 80/20 Rule, and the Fibonacci Sequence


Module 2: How to Choose Fonts/ Typography for your UX Design?

  • How can you use fonts/typography to improve the readability and usability of your UX Design? 

  • How can good UX copywriting humanize technological jargons and improve the UX?

  • How language differences can affect your UX design layout?

Typographic Rules:

Kerning, Leading, Gutter, Hierarchy & Orphans


Module 4: How to Choose Images for your UX Design?

  • How to effectively pick images that align with the companies’ positioning/messaging/marketing?

  • How to create Moodboards to guide the direction of the visual language of the web/app?

  • How to pick images that are memorable and sticks in people’s minds?

  • How NOT to pick images that will turn into a cultural disaster?

Culture Theories:

Cultural Norms and Differences


Module 6: How to Translate User Research Insights into Actionable Designs?

  • How to ask for constructive feedback and why does it matter?

  • How to give and receive design critiques?

  • How to use A/B Test to assess your design choices?

  • How can heat maps and eye tracking help with understanding how to improve your design layout?

Key methods: 

A/B Testing, Heat Maps

Online Live Course is coming soon!

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