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UX Career Roadmap

(3 weeks LIVE Online Course)

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Date: Nov, 2023
Duration: 3 Sats 9-11am PST
Plus Weekly 2 hours Q&A sessions

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For anyone struggling to land a UX job or change their career.  

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Live online course via Zoom
Language in English

Start learning UX from the UX Master!

What will you learn?


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Align Your Strengths with the Right UX Role

  • Find your ideal UX role by aligning your strengths, motivations, and goals.

  • Explore the fundamentals: What is UX? What is the 0-1 process? What is User-Centered Design?

  • Identify your areas of expertise within UX design.

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Decipher Your UX job Descriptions

  • Find the right company fit for your UX career.

  • Unleash the power of User-Centered Design and its impact on your work.

  • Identify your strengths and discover your perfect role in UX Design.

  • Unveil your purpose, motivation, and goals as a UX Designer.


Week 2.1.png

Make Your Resume Stand Out

  • Master the art of creating a compelling resume tailored for UX job applications.

  • Recognize the value of bypassing HR and recruiters in the job search process.

  • Discover strategies to effectively align your non-UX-related experience with UX-related companies and roles.

Week 2.2.png

Brush Up Your UX Portfolio

  • Uncover valuable resources for creating an impressive UX portfolio.

  • Learn techniques to develop a compelling portfolio, even without a design background.

  • Generate UX projects to practice and sharpen your UX skills.

  • Gain insights on obtaining relevant experience when you're starting from scratch.


Week 3.1.png

Enhance Your Soft Skills Needed from Employers

  • Develop effective collaboration skills within a team environment!

  • Master the art of articulating the Business
    of UX to your boss and stakeholders.

  • Explore strategies to enhance your preparedness for UX job interviews!

Week 3.2.png

Networking in the UX Field

  • Learn how to network strategically and build meaningful connections with industry professionals.

  • Acquire essential skills for building a strong professional network.

  • Develop the sought-after soft skills that UX employers value.

  • Find and connect with local UX communities to expand your network.

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