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Course 2:
User Research as
Business Strategy

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Course Details


Module 1: How to Advance Your UX Career with User Research?

  • Why is User Research important to design strategy?

  • What is the difference between User Research and Market Research?

  • How to make User Research happen in your company?


Module 3: How to Conduct User Research Properly?

  • How to ask the right questions to users?

  • How do I know if I am doing User Research right?

  • Whom do you need on your team for User Research?

  • During the interviews, cultural dos and don’ts

Key methods:

Remote Interviews, Ethnographic Research, Shadowing, Intercept Interviews etc.


Module 5: How to Turn User Research Insights into Design Strategy?

  • How to define the right problem with How Might We statements?

  • How to translate User Research insights into product requirements?

  • How to bring ideas to execution?

  • How to map out your competitors and stand out from competitions?

Key methods:

Competitive Analysis, How Might We, Importance & Difficulty Matrix etc.


Module 2: How to Find the Right Users?

  • How to adapt research methods to local cultures e.g. HK, China, Canada, U.S.

  • How to design a research plan and who needs to be involved?

  • How to properly define and recruit the right users?

  • How to convince users to participate in interviews?

Key methods:

User Recruitment, Interviewing Guides, Research Preparation etc.


Module 4: How to Analyse User Research Insights?

  • How to analyze the User Research results with Affinity Diagrams?

  • How to synthesize the User Research results with the team?

  • How to come up with the right set of Personas?

  • How to map out the User/Customer Journey?

Key methods:

Affinity Diagram, Persona, User/Customer  Journey etc.


Module 6: How to Translate User Research Insights into Actionable Designs?

  • How to translate insights into design decisions?

  • How to sort out and analyze the ideas?

  • How to translate the insights into a project plan?

  • How to prioritize insights into an actionable plan?

Key methods:

Product Planning, Visualise the Vote, Design Critique etc.

Online Live Course is coming soon!