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Course 3:
Land A UX Job

(LIVE Online Course in English)

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• TBD, 2023 (4 Fridays)
• 5-7pm PST / 8-10pm EST

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• For anyone who are facing issues landing a UX job. Basic UX knowledge preferred.

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• Live online course via Zoom
• Language in English

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Course Details


Week 1: Make Your Resume Stands Out

  • How to craft a suitable resume when applying

  • How to relate your non-UX-related experience to fit the applying companies?

  • How to prepare for your job interview?


Week 2: Brush Up Your UX Portfolio

  • Do I have to have my own portfolio website?

  • How to build my portfolio even if I don't have a UX job?

  • How to get more "experience" when not able to find a job?


Week 3: Enhance Your Soft Skills Needed from Employers

  • How to collaborate effectively in a team?

  • How to explain the Business Value of UX Design to your boss?


Week 4: Extend Your Network in the UX Field

  • How to build a network and the importance of this?

  • How to figure out WHO to network with?

  • How to find UX communities in your location?

Master UX from UX Master

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Land A UX Job


3 Fridays

TBD, 2023

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