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Course 1:
How to Land a UX Job

(LIVE Online Course in English)

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Learn from UX Master

the best strategies to land a UX job!

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• Oct 21 -  Nov 25 (6 Fridays)
• 5-7pm PST / 8-10pm EST

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• For anyone who are facing issues in landing a UX job. 

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• Live online course via Zoom
• Language in English

What You Will Learn

How to identify various UX roles that you should apply for?

How to brush up your CV and portfolio to make yourself stand out?

How to demonstrate your skills and personality in UX job interviews?

What skills you are missing that are crucial from the employers' perspective?

Why is networking critical for you to land a UX job?

Course Details


Module 1: Align Your Strengths with the Right UX Role

  • Figure out why you want to be a UX designer/ your motivations / your goal

  • What is UX? What is a 0-1 process? What is User-Centered Design?

  • Figure out what part of UX design you might be good at


Module 3: Make Your Resume Stands Out

  • How to craft a suitable resume when applying

  • Why do you need to skip HR and recruiter?

  • How to relate your non-UX-related experience to fit the applying companies?


Module 5: Enhance Your Soft Skills Needed from Employers

  • How to collaborate effectively in a team?

  • How to explain the Business Value of UX Design to your boss?

  • How to prepare for UX job interviews?


Module 2: Decipher Your UX Job Description

  • What kind of company you should work at (corporate, startup, consultancy, etc)

  • What is the minimum UX skillset expected from employers?

  • What are the UX industry trends?


Module 4: Brush Up Your UX Portfolio

  • Do I have to have my own portfolio website?

  • How to build my portfolio even if I don't have a UX job?

  • How to get more "experience" when not able to find a job?


Module 6: Extend Your Network in the UX Field

  • How to build a network and the importance of this?

  • How to figure out WHO to network with?

  • How to find UX communities in your location?

What Students Think of Our Course


Vivian Tang

UX Designer,

 Monmonkey Group Securities Limited

"Elaine taught us job-hunting strategies and now I have a clearer idea to prepare for my next round of interviews!"


Fion Ng

Senior UI/UX Designer,


"Elaine shared a lot of practical UX methods through past client case studies. I learned how to apply theories to real client projects."


Polly Duen

UI/UX Designer,


"3 months after Elaine’s course, I landed my first UX job. The course taught me how to understand my strengths and weaknesses."


Get your Course Certificate of with 80%  attendence


Our best graduates get Internship Opportunities to work on real projects

  • Are there any prerequisites for this bootcamp?
    Yes, there are prerequisites. You should have attended a UX bootcamp, design school, or have some basic knowledge in UX. Freelance working experience counts as well. Additionally, you will need to submit a UX portfolio as part of the application process.
  • Can I take this bootcamp while working a full-time job?
    Yes, this bootcamp is designed to accommodate busy schedules. It runs every Saturday from 9-11am PST and every Wednesday from 8-10pm PST for 3 months.
  • Do I need a background in AI to take this bootcamp?
    No, background in AI is not required to enroll in this bootcamp.
  • Is this bootcamp self-paced or do I need to follow a strict schedule?
    This bootcamp follows a strict schedule due to the inter-disciplinary team nature of the program.
  • Are there any software and tools required for this bootcamp?
    While not mandatory, it is preferable for students to have some basic design software tools like Figma, Photoshop for a smoother bootcamp experience.
  • Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the bootcamp?
    Yes, upon successful completion of the bootcamp with 80% attendance, you will receive a certificate.
  • Will I have access to a mentor or coach throughout the duration of the bootcamp?
    Yes, you will have access to a Senior Designer who will provide guidance and support throughout the bootcamp.
  • Will I get a full refund if I'm not satisfied with the course?**
    Yes, for any reason, a student is not satisfied with the course after the first class, we offer a full refund of the course fee as a Money Back Guarantee. Refund Policy: Eligibility: To be eligible for a refund, students must request it within 7 days from the start date of the course. Please send the refund request to Evaluation Process: Once we receive a refund request, our team will review the student's feedback and evaluate the reason for their dissatisfaction with the course. We may contact the student to gather additional information to improve our course offerings. Full Course Fee Refund: If the refund request meets the eligibility criteria and is deemed valid after the evaluation process, we will refund the student the full course fee they paid. The refund will be processed within 15 days and returned to the original payment method. Exclusions: Please note that this refund policy applies only to the students who only take the first class. It does not extend to subsequent classes. Fair Usage: We reserve the right to monitor and address refund requests that are deemed to be excessive or in violation of our fair usage policy.
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