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Cristina Ventura

Chief Innovation Catalyst

of the Lane Crawford Joyce Group

Elaine Ann has a remarkable understanding and expertise

on how to innovate for the Chinese consumers, ensuring global business success through Xperience Innovation. With her impressive background and know-how in connecting East and West, she is able to analyze, connect and strategize on any market; understanding the Chinese consumers and innovating for growth globally. Her Asian focus makes her unique in her field, and through design thinking and a human-centric approach, she creates her landmark Innovation methodology to guide businesses of all kinds to thrive.

Bruce Claxton 

Innovation Design Strategist

IDSA Past President, Chairman

Fellow ex-Motorola Senior Director of Innovation Design

As we see value shift to the East, it is not business as usual for Western companies that want to differentiate in this market. In her book, Ms. Ann displays a rich understanding of business, social, cultural and political contexts in the development of innovation for the contemporary China market. She understands both Eastern and Western cultures and can address with expertise ways for the business mind to succeed in China. This is an excellent read and will provide a guide for anyone interested in succeeding in Chinese innovation for the foreseeable future.

LiAnne Yu

PhD. Anthropologist and journalist;

author of Consumption in China: How China’s New Ideology Is Shaping the Nation

(Polity Press, 2014)

It is so important when innovating for the China

market to not assume that the same strategies that were developed in the West, for Western startups and corporations, can be applied wholesale. Elaine Ann’s deep and broad understanding of China and her expertise in working with designers, engineers, product managers and user researchers gives her an unparalleled perspective on how to successfully develop products for the world’s most dynamic market.

Robert Murray

Global Associate Partner, IBM iX

Elaine is my go-to source for doing work in China,

and this book is an outstanding resource for doing product development in a market filled with as much nuance as North America and Europe combined. This is not your typical “1 billion Cokes” observation on the potential of the Chinese market. This is a detailed primer on how to develop products in the world’s most misunderstood and critical market.

Amy Jun Liang 

CEO of Visual China Group, China

It really changed our perspective about what it means by “customer-centric” and how we can get a real insight on customer experience. We improved our process to deliver products based on this way of innovation.”

Jackie Chan

Senior Manager of Global R&D Department, Combi Holdings Ltd

Elaine has written a must-read book that we can know how to transform the customer experience to change our way to create innovative products and services especially in China.

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