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This is not your typical "1 billion Cokes" observation on the potential of the Chinese market. This is a detailed primer on how to develop products in the world's most misunderstood and critical market.


Robert Murray

Global Associate Partner


The book is well thought out. It includes appropriately placed titbits of cultural information—‘Do’s and Don’ts’, ‘China Tips’, etc.—all of which give added insights as to why the East and the West are so different. These insights make one more mindful of the important issues when evolving an innovative process that must work within a given social and business cultural context


Gordon Bruce

Gordon Bruce Design LLC

Product Design Chairman of Innovation

Design Lab of Samsung  (1995–99)

As we see value shift to the East, it is not business as usual for Western companies that want to differentiate in this market. In her book, Xperience Innovation™...... This is an excellent read and will provide a guide for anyone interested in succeeding in Chinese innovation for the foreseeable future.


Bruce Claxton 

Innovation Design Strategist

IDSA Past President, Chairman

Fellow ex-Motorola Senior Director of Innovation Design

Unique insights on building functioning innovation between borders. Elaine shares insights on East and West - and as she says - not in “design” but in innovation - or UX / User Experience. For me I have learned that it is not about siloing departments or cultures, but instead embracing that we are all different and that innovation has to be spread throughout the organization and borders.


Mike Michelini


Global from Asia

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